Voice Network Solutions - The Top 3 Things We Can Do To Improve Your Voice Network


Voice Network Solutions - The Top 3 Things We Can Do To Improve Your Voice Network



Are you looking for ways to improve your voice network? Listed below are the top 3 things that we can do to provide voice network solutions: custom networks, optimal connectivity, and improved communications.  Contact us at Soonytech Solutions for advice about voice networking solutions.


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1.   We Can Create Your Networking Solution

While other networking solutions businesses may provide a solution that is "off the rack," we provide solutions that are custom made, specifically with your business in mind. Data and voice traffic can be handled on the same network, reducing your infrastructure costs - allowing your business to save money and take advantage of new technologies like VoIP.


When we build networks for our customers, we do so with the future in mind. Our networks are designed to be ultra-fast, reliable, and secure - for the long term. Soonytech Solutions team of network architects will custom design your system for optimal connectivity - every time! The design will meet your connectivity requirements, providing you with a network that will increase your staff's productivity and reduce their frustration and work stress.


2.   Provide Better Communications Quality

As our privately controlled networks route both VoIP calls and data to their destinations, you can be sure of improved communications and call quality. Your IT team will find their workload and stress reduced as there is no need for separate networks for data and voice. A single network for both data and voice means that there is a consistent and reliable connection between both.


Our bandwidth provision will be designed to handle all your business needs, eliminating frustrating downtime and allowing your staff to take advantage of the enhanced features available with VoIP.  Soft phones can use their VoIP numbers almost anywhere in the world with an internet connection, and voicemail access, conference calling, security features, and more will be available to them.


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3.   Provide Optimal Connectivity

Our networks are designed for blazingly fast high speed, reliability, and security. Add in redundancy and you can be sure that you will have a voice network that accomplishes what you need it to with a minimum of downtime. 

We operate in Nigeria, and it doesn't matter where your business is located accross the country, urban or rural, we can increase your connectivity speed. Faster speed means more projects are accomplished in less time, saving you money and increasing your profitability. It means that large files are transferred more quickly, streaming videos play the way they were intended to, and employee efficiency is increased. Your team is connected consistently and reliably whether they are at a home office, mobile, or in remote locations. High internet speed is the lifeblood of today's business.  Businesses that cannot keep pace fall by the wayside. VoIP has a major role to play in making your business a success, and our networks help you to achieve that success.


The security of your network is also maintained by the use of private managed networks. These networks shield your data from threats that are prevalent on a public network.


Multiple architectures are configured into your network, meaning that even if one carrier is down, you will still have a high speed connectivity experience that is undisturbed.


Reliable connections mean work is accomplished by deadlines. Your connection to people and places is consistent, meaning that your business is also seen as reliable. Soonytech Solutions provides reliable connections by ensuring that your equipment, infrastructure, and routing is efficient and effective. Your network is monitored by our technicians 24 hours a day 7 days a week. All malfunctions are detected and dealt without delay and we have a 99.9% uptime connectivity.



At Soonytech Solutions, you can be confident that you will receive exceptional support and service. Our existing customers regularly provide us with glowing testimonies, and we are eager to answer any questions you may have regarding your internet needs. Contact us for more information.