SoonyEPOS Cloud Solutions

What is Stock Adjustment? And how to use it?

Stock Adjustment helps you decrease the goods you hold in stock, you can enter manual stock adjustments. It’s generally used to write-off damaged stock, or to adjust quantities after a stock take.

Setting default payment accounts for payment methods

In Add/Edit business location you can select the default payment account for each payment method.

Enabling & using Payment account or bank account

Payment accounts are like for example bank account. You can transfer money from one payment account to another, deposit cash in payment account, pay to a supplier, or deposit the amount received from a customer here.

Cash Denomination

Cash denominations are usually different cash tender used in your country.  With this feature, cashiers can easily calculate the total amount they have when closing the register by mentioning the number of different tended they have.

Types of Service

Types of service is mostly used in restaurants, it is for example Dine-in, Parcel, Courier, 3rd Party Delivery etc.
Based on type of service you can change the price of the product by linking types of services to selling price group.
You can add packing charges (fixed or percentage)
Also, you can add more information like in custom fields.

Discounts by Brand, Category, Location

Name: Enter a meaning full name for the discount.
Brand: Select the product brand where it will be applied.
Category: Select the produce Category where it will be applied.
Location: Select the location

Configuring keyboard shortcuts for POS screen

SoonyEPOS Cloud Solutions supports keyboard shortcuts, by default we have configured shortcuts for different actions in POS screen.

Invoice External URL

With invoice external URL you can share the invoice to a customer via a link.