CCTV - IP video surveillance solutions for cities and Town

Protecting and safeguarding citizens is an increasing issue for towns and cities. Many communities round the country are already using modern CCTV/IP video surveillance solutions. Their requirements are varied but are always aimed at achieving an extensive, tailor-made all-round solution to meet the highest quality and security requirements. Besides excellent picture quality and easy operation, the number one demand is for compatible and flexible system architecture to enable easy integration into existing security management systems.


CCTV surveillance keeps an eye on everything
Deterring crime and vandalism as well as protecting against terrorism are the catch words which are becoming more and more important for town and community leaders. The multifocal sensor system Panoramic® is ideal for the surveillance of cities and public places. With Panoramic®, a huge area can be monitored from a single location extremely efficiently. The most impressive aspect of the product is that it combines the overall view with simultaneous top detail resolution: Even more distant objects are displayed with the same resolution as objects in the foreground of the picture.

Furthermore, Soonytech offers a comprehensive range of high-resolution IP cameras. Depending on the area of application either high-speed PTZ dome cameras, box cameras or vandal-resistant dome cameras are used. The latter provide for safety and security in sensitive areas, too.

Network Video Recorder
Soonytech product range includes the latest solutions for almost every requirement in the field of CCTV surveillance. To ensure maximum security individual solutions are produced using the Soonytech NVR with multiple Intelligent Video Analysis Systems (e.g. object recognition, etc.). Soonytech NVR enables the transmission and recording of video and audio signals in broadcast quality via an Ethernet/IP network.

An unlimited number of cameras can monitor public places with their pictures recorded and if necessary sent via IP network. Owing to the video compression used, the camera pictures are transmitted in real time, top quality and full picture rate. The system architecture also allows an easy control of PTZ cameras.

Pictures are recorded in a ring memory which is automatically over-written after a defined period (e.g. 14 days). Event analysis is very quick and efficient because of the use of customer-specific user interfaces, which are complemented with the most appropriate operating devices such as keyboards and joysticks (e.g. PTZ control) or jog-shuttles (e.g. replay control).

Intelligent Video Analysis Systems support the monitoring tasks in various fields. These can classify objects and respond appropriately, triggering events when necessary (e.g. switching cameras, raising the alarm).

Integration in higher level management systems
The pictures are analysed in specially equipped security and control rooms. How alarms are dealt with is carefully regulated between the control centre and the police to ensure that they are handled punctually and in a coordinated way. This requires flexible system design, so that the system can be expanded at any time and so that it is possible to add further alarm systems or integrate it into a higher level management system.

Hybrid solutions also possible
Thanks to Soonytech flexible system architecture, any existing analogue system can be replaced by digital on a step by step basis. This kind of hybrid solution enables the digital upgrading project to be carried out in several stages as determined by need and budget.

Positive resonance
Soonytech systems have already proved themselves in many cities where the number of recorded offences in the monitored areas has been reduced significantly.