Creating A New Room

How to create a new rooms with rates



Note. to peerform this operations you must first be logged in as an admin user.

You start by going to the left side menu on the page, then locate "Settings" click on it, and then from the submenu click on "Rooms", and then wait for the page to load, then to add the new room: by the right side you will see "Add" click on it to popup the new room entry form.

Next step is to Select reception from the "Business Location" list

Room name is your room category name and it's number: for example : Luxury Suites 209

Per day Rate is where you enter the daily room rate: for example: 35000

Short description is optional

Finally you click on the "Save" button.


Repeat the same process to add more rooms

Updating Room Details

How to Update room details like the room rate

On the Rooms Management Page: locate the room you want to edit it details and click on "Edit" to open the room update form

on the above page you can edit the Room category name and the room number and also the room rate, then click on the "Update" button


Check-In A Guest

How to check-In a guest

From the left side menu click on accommodation, then on the submenu click on "Add Accommodations" after the page load you will see the "Check IN" button click on it, and the small check in form will popup.

On the checkin form select RECEPTION from the list of business location

After selecting the reception as business location first, next is to select the guest from the list of existing guest or create a new guest if the guest information has not been saved into the system before

To select a guest just click on Guests and search for the guest you want to checkin from the list, if the guest name is not found in the list, what you will do is to add the guest by clicking on the +plus sign theere to open the New guest entry form (on the new guest entry form enter the guest full name.First name and Last name and the phone number is a must) click on the save button on the guest entry form, to proceed with the guest checkin.

Next. Click on Select Room, then from the list, just select the room the guest checked into.

Next. Select the Check-IN date: and the End Date, then finally you click on the "Save" button