Leaves management

  • Leave Type
  • Maximum leave counts
  • Leave count interval
  • Leave status – Added/Approved/Denied


  • Clock-In & Clock-out
  • Clock-In, Clock-Out notes
  • Interval calculation


  • Based on attendance
  • Allowances
  • Deductions
  • Payroll payment


  • Holiday for a particular location or all locations.
  • Send notification to users.

ToDo List

  • Add new to-do items
  • Mark items as completed.
  • Delete items
  • Date-Wise to-do list.

Document Storage & Sharing

  • Easy document storage to cloud in your server.
  • Share documents with other users or other roles.
  • Download document.
  • Delete documents


  • Written message or short or Long notes.
  • Share with other users or roles
  • Delete


  • Add reminder with event name, date, time.
  • One time reminder or Repeated reminder – every day or every week or every month
  • Nice calendar view.


  • Send messages to everyone within your business.
  • Send to a particular location.
  • Permission to allow sending or only view in roles.