Soony Hotel Management Software.

Soony Hotel Management System has all the features required for all Small, Medium and big hotels to function seamlessly. It is very friendly to use and manage all operations of a Hotel very effectively.

Networking integration, management and maintenance

We Innovate

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A Full Service

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Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Communications

Business VoIP is growing in use worldwide. While the technology has countless advantages, it also has its share of disadvantages.  Advantages include the huge potential savings and greater…
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CCTV Surveillance For Home and Office

CCTV is used for a variety of safety purposes, from maintaining perimeter security in sensitive areas, monitoring traffic, overseeing hazardous locations, and most importantly, preserving the security…
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CCTV - IP video surveillance solutions for cities and Town

Protecting and safeguarding citizens is an increasing issue for towns and cities. Many communities round the country are already using modern CCTV/IP video surveillance solutions. Their…
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