SoonyEPOS Cloud Solutions

Gift receipt

A gift receipt shows proof of purchase but leaves out the amount spent. To print a gift receipt follow the below steps:

Displaying QR code in invoice

Edit an invoice layout
Scroll down to the QR code section at the bottom
Click Show QR Code

Invoice Layout

Invoice Layout helps you to create different invoice formats.

To add a new invoice layout:

SoonyEPOS Cash Register

Cash Register gives you an overview of a particular user/cashier session

Sales Subscriptions

Enabling Subscriptions:

To enable subscription, go to Modules -> Check the “Enable Subscriptions” and save it.

Sales Return

There are 2 ways of adding sales return

Using SoonyPOS for Selling of Services

SoonyPOS Cloud Solutions can be used:

Exclusively for Services or
Exclusively for Product Selling (trading) Or
Combination of Services & selling of Products.

Featured Products in POS screen

Adding featured products helps you quickly access some products which are frequently or most commonly sold.

Tender Change or Change Return

Suppose during POS the total payment amount by a customer is ₦250, but the customer pays ₦300 cash.