Product Opening Stock

To add opening stock:

Go to List Products
Actions > Add or Edit Opening Stock

Bulk Edit Products

Bulk edit helps you to edit multiple products at once and saves your time.

To edit multiple products follow the steps:

Correcting product stock mis-match or incorrect stock in different reports

Error 1: Mismatch between sold and purchased quantity

Error 2: Mismatch in stock shows in Stock-Report and sales screen. Sales screen accepts products greater or less than as in stock reports.

Duplicate Product

Duplicate Products helps you to easily create a new product with the same data as another product

Printing Product Labels

Soony Cloud POS comes with an inbuilt feature to print customized labels for products.

Product Warranty

To enable warranty in products go to Settings -> Business Settings -> Products -> Enable Warranty

POS Selling Price Groups

Selling Price Groups (Sell in different prices: wholesale/retail or for different prices for different locations)

Lot number

To enable lot number go to, Settings -> Business Settings -> Purchases

Check the Enable Lot number checkbox and update settings.

Product stock history

Go to Products > Product List
Click on Actions > Product stock history