Using SoonyPOS for Selling of Services

SoonyPOS Cloud Solutions can be used:

Exclusively for Services or
Exclusively for Product Selling (trading) Or
Combination of Services & selling of Products.

Featured Products in POS screen

Adding featured products helps you quickly access some products which are frequently or most commonly sold.

Tender Change or Change Return

Suppose during POS the total payment amount by a customer is ₦250, but the customer pays ₦300 cash.

Sell – Sales Order

Sales Order is a document given by the supplier to the buyer against a Purchase Order by the buyer.

Multi Location Business Stock transfer

Status should be Complete for the transaction to complete
Once the status is marked completed stock transfer cannot be edited. But can be deleted

Product Purchase Order

What is a Purchase Order?

A purchase order is a document given by the buyer (usually you) to the supplier to request a purchase of goods.

Product Purchase Payments

Purchase payment meaning paying to the supplier for the Purchases.

Payments Statuses
Paid: The PO is 100% paid.
Due: The PO is 100% not paid.

Product Purchase Management

Adding Purchase
Go to – Purchases -> Add Purchases
Type Supplier Name or Business name in the Supplier field. If the supplier doesn’t exist you must add them from Contacts -> Suppliers -> Add