SQL SERVER 2014 Installation Guide

SQL Server Installation Guide

Adding & Editing Payment Method or Pay Via options (Custom payments)

In the above screen, you can see “Pay method” or “Pay Via” options, the same option appears in POS “Multiple Pay” popup. With SoonyEPOS Cloud Solutions you can add or edit existing payment options.

How to setup printer to open cash drawer automatically?

Your cash drawer can be configured to automatically open when you print a receipt for each transaction. Here are the steps you can take to configure your cash drawer.

SoonyEPOS Barcode Scanner

Adding a barcode scanner is easy & simple.

Simply Plug-in the barcode scanner in your computer.
If there is some driver provided with the scanner then install it.

Soony GPS Car and Vehicle Tracker System

Tracker King GPS Car Tracker

To monitor and track your Tracker king gps on your smart mobile phone

first you will have to contact your Tracker King GPS installer or supplier wi

Changing the custom fields labels

To modify the labels of custom fields, go to Settings -> Business Settings -> Custom Labels

Here you can give names to all custom fields.

Adding a new Label or barcode settings

SoonyEPOS Cloud Solutions comes with some commonly used barcode configurations for you our-of-box. If your barcode configuration isn’t covered then you can easily create a new configuration.